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About Valerie

Feng Shui Master - 30+++ years
Reiki III Expert - Master Level
Listed in The North American Academy of Arts & Sciences Who's Who
Listed in Who's Who National Directory of Professionals and Executives
Prominent Fellow of the North American Academy of Arts & Sciences
Listed in Strathmore's Who's Who
CNN World News Spokesperson For The Domestic Violence Coalition

bio2Valerie J. Bogdan has practiced and studied in Greece,  London,
Colombia, Brazil and the United States to better understand our cross-cultural differences and likenesses.
She blends Asian, European, American, Hawaiian, African, South African, Latin and South American belief systems and rituals to enhance her knowledge and respect for all walks of life to live in harmony and balance.

She received a full scholarship and graduated from Georgian Court University. 
Initially she started her career as a corporate trainer.  She studied at various graduate schools focusing on human behavior, business and the laws of the land.  She studied full time for 13 years at the undergraduate and graduate level.  People fascinate her. 
Diversity and the need for all to be happy in their own skin is what drives her.

Large_Transparent_White_Orchid_ClipartShe was in private practice as a Behavior consultant and Neuro-Linguistic Programmer when she learned about Feng Shui.
At that point only 4 books were written in English about Feng Shui.  She found one school in the United States that offered Feng Shui Consulting Programs and flew to California to receive the new knowledge.  She is well versed and learned in the Art and Science of Feng Shui.  With her new knowledge, she started to incorporate Feng Shui principles on many of her clients.
The results were so encouraging that she dedicates her life and studies to Feng Shui, Reiki, Clarification Conversations, and various methods of natural healing. She also writes for various magazines.  Currently she is working on her second book along with consulting, teaching and speaking engagements.
When Feng Shui principles are applied properly by a knowledgeable Feng Shui master, the desired result of the client is effective sooner.  Valerie found that her clients were more comfortable telling her what they wanted, focusing on the future in a positive light.  Today she receives phone calls and letters about her client's advancements, victories and achievements.  Combining her knowledge of all of her multi-cross cultural studies and various disciplines, she states "I have become a better person and a more effective practitioner knowing that I have more to offer my clients".

purple-orchidValerie's greatest successes are with those clients who already have a clear vision of what they want in their life.  Ms. Bogdan says that Feng Shui will work whether you believe in it or not, although the results are greater and more rapid for those who are focused on their intentions with an open mind.  The mind is so powerful that when you believe in something that you understand, it just naturally works.  It's psychology at its finest, allowing your mind to become as powerful as you enable it, as well as enhancing your physical surroundings, by strategically aligning yourself for the best possible outcome...



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