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True North-th1
Creative Vision -th
Strength- Balance
I Hear You -th
Blue Skies and Rainbows th

"What can I do for you?"

I will help you find your true North.
Move forward, find your path. Walk towards the warmth of the sun.
I will teach you how to keep your eyes wide open.
I will teach you how to see with Feng Shui eyes.  To see things clearly.
Create a path that is good for you.

People places and things have energy.
I will teach you how to find the appropriate energy(s) for your goals hope dreams and desires.
Find your sacred path.
Once you tell your truth out loud it is now real and we can find healthy solutions for you.

This is your precious life.
You have awesome talents and love that needs to be shared.

"About boundaries..."

There is a time to talk and a time to listen.
Everyone needs to be heard.
You need to tell me when you need to just talk.
You need to tell me when you want my advise or not.

I will teach you how to discern who to tell your truth to.
It is OK to say or signal back off, I have had enough, and yes sometimes, Good Bye!!!

I will teach you balance.
We do not FREELOAD off of others nor do we allow others to FREELOAD off of us.
You will know when to truly give to the needy and to be benevolent.
You will no longer allow others to use you.

"Why Talk to Me?"

You will have my undivided attention.
I am a great listener.
Everyone has an agenda. My agenda is for you to be happy, healthy, safe, warm, loved, prosperous.
Your secrets are safe with me.
What people say...

Call Me th
Follow the Sun-th
Eyes Open-th1
Fresh Food-th
Back Off-th
Generosity th
Shine th


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