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Treat Yourself or Your Animal Friend to a Reiki Session

REIKI (pronounced Ray-Key) is a gentle non-invasive, supportive, loving, healing energy. 
The literal translation of Reiki is Universal Life Energy.


Reiki is a simple, safe, effective healing system that uses Universal Life to assist in dissolving problems and return the body, mind and spirit to their natural state.  Reiki assists in healing pain on both an emotional and a physical level.  It also heals patterns that lead to pain.  Reiki promotes well-being and one needs not to be ill to receive all the benefits Reiki has to offer.
Reiki is a powerful and gentle method of healing through opening, clearing and re-balancing one's energy system.  It promotes rapid personal growth.

Reiki for Physical or Mental Health

Medical therapies such as radiation and chemotherapy can benefit by Reiki by reducing the negative side effects and promoting the effectiveness of treatments.  Reiki provides relief from many physical ailments including arthritis, conditions of stiffness, maladjustments, pain, headaches as well as pre- and post-menstrual symptoms.

The healing of emotional traumas can be accelerated with Reiki and it can be especially powerful in overcoming the trauma of incest and sexual abuse or any other traumatic experience that continues to stay with you, and you would like to release in a healthy safe way. Please note that if you are in fact suffering from an emotionally traumatic experience it is natural to feel a lot of uncomfortable feelings and emotions that have been stuck and buried in your cellular memory as well as your cognitive memory. The release can be pleasant and you may feel a deep sense of relaxation as well as you might start to release tears that are poisonous toxins that are created in our body from the stressful event(s) and the releasing of the
 blocked energy.  Please know that I am qualified with my training in Psychology, Feng Shui, Reiki and counseling to help you process any uncomfortable feelings that may appear.  You felt all these feelings all along, you just have cleverly found a way to disguise your pain in order to move forward with your life.  You will only release what you are ready to handle and I will support your healing process without judgement.
 All information is kept confidential.

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Reiki for Relaxation

Perhaps you just want Reiki for a pleasant deep relaxation therapy.
Just know that whatever your goals, needs and desired outcome is you are in safe hands with me.

Reiki Healing Energy for Pets


Generally when animals are acting out, they are sensing the humans' energy around them. Or perhaps they have been traumatized before you became their new caretaker. Pets, much like humans, need to feel safe loved and connected. Perhaps you have an animal that is a rescued animal. Kudos to you!!! Please let me assist you and your pet to live harmoniously.

Heal your Pet, Heal yourself.
Heal yourself, Heal your pet.

Please Note:
I am not a medical doctor, veterinarian or Licensed Psychiatrist. Reiki is NOT a substitute for medical care. Reiki is a supplemental natural healing modality to enhance balance harmony and relieve stress.


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