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Home Consultation

Goal based consultation designing rooms to your desired outcome. Whether your home is an active family hub or a tranquil retreat for one or two, Feng Shui shall help you create your vision.

Business Consultation

Having the right team, focusing on profits and creating an environment to foster your bottom line, Feng Shui can help. Or if you prefer working alone, Feng Shui can create a space perfect for you to bloom!
Our work space does impact our outcome.

Real Estate Evaluation

With Feng Shui Eyes, I will help you see the whole picture. What surrounds your home or work space does matter. What does the area feel like at day, night after hours and more? We all see different things. Let me be your second pair of eyes.

New Purchase Home or Business

This is the perfect time to hire me. We can use every square foot of your space to your advantage.  Clean Slate. Clean Start. Create your future.

New Home Construction

From the front door, to the stove facing direction, each room can be designed to advance each person who lives in home. Each person can have a room that best serves them. We will fully use every room to your liking using the Art & Science of Feng Shui to create harmonious, prosperous, healthy homes.

New Business  Site

It is vital for the Owner/CEO and Key Team Members to have workspaces that are conducive.  As well other staff members are vital to the whole. Perfect time to set up your Work Space/Office to create a healthy, prosperous future with a great reputation. Finding the right fit of people and space, Feng Shui can assist you.

Sale of Business

Being the outsider looking in, I can help you to create your space to sell. I see what the prospective buyer see's. I have had tremendous success in this area and helped someone sell an 80,000 square foot warehouse within 3 days.

Sale of  Home

This consultaion really WORKS!!! When you are ready to sell, call me. The most important thing is to get the house ready for your new "quests".  Also YOU need to be ready to sell.

Staging of Business or Home for Sale

This area I seem to be the most successful with.  Or perhaps it is more measureable. After staging, every home and buiness that did what I sugested sold in 10 days or less!!!
Also, there is a way to make the signing of papers day go so smoothly, that your buyer will Thank You!

Space Clearing New or Existing Home or Business

Space Clearing FAQ


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