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Before implementing Feng Shui principles and remedies it is strongly recommended to have your space cleared of any and all past negative experiences.  This will enable you to move easily and rapidly in a forward direction.

Space clearing is performed many different ways.  You will need to prepare your site by removing any and all things that no longer work for you.  This includes clothing that does not fit, gifts from ex-lovers, things that are cracked, chipped or damaged and anything that drains your energy when you see it or touch it.  This is by far the most important and beneficial way to prepare yourself for what Feng Shui Works truly can offer.   

Methods of Space Clearing include incense, smudge sticks clapping, bells and positive affirmations.  Although many may attempt to clear their own space, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to perform this ritual.  The person who performs the clearing will be taking on the negative energy and will need a professional to assist in removing the negative energies that he/she has taken on be performing this ritual.  It has taken me years to perfect this and I seek Reiki assistance as well as daily meditation and Yoga to help me stay well balanced.  I have learned that I cannot do this alone and have felt very weakened and sad when I did not seek the proper care for myself.   

This Art and Science is a constant check and balance of taking in and removing.  When shifting stagnant energy and removing negative experiences, the clearer needs to be rebalanced.  Once the space is cleared, you can then move with ease applying Feng Shui principles and remedies.


How often should I Space Clear my Home?

It is suggested to have your home cleared if you are new occupants. When a new challenge or major change is happening it is suggested to have a clearing. This includes new baby, new relationship,  new job endeavor or wanting to create energy for something new to happen.
When having additions or changes to already existing construction, it is advised to have a clearing. One Space Clearing per year is the minimum requirement to move forward and release any stagnant energy.

How often does my office need clearing?

Depending on what you do for a living, the answer varies.  A dentist's office, doctor's office, hospitals, counselors of any sort or a trial lawyer's office could easily benefit by a monthly clearing for these professions most frequently attract people when their emotional or physical energies are depleted or imbalanced.  Court houses, Funeral Homes and prisons could use a daily clearing.  All offices can benefit by a minimum of a once a year clearing.  Whenever invoking change a clearing is strongly recommended.  It is of tremendous value to have a clearing when you have severed a working relationship.
Always wish the other person well...some place else.

Is it OK to Space Clear with babies or toddlers present?

Newborns and toddlers energetic fields are far more wide open than adults.
I will only perform clearings with adults or teenagers present provided that all are open to the benefits.

Can I do this myself?   I read a book and it sounds so simple?

It takes at least 30+ years of studying, practicing and purifying one's own energetic field in order to do this effectively.  Just as you would not drill your loved one's teeth (unless you are a dentist) nor would you perform surgery after reading a book (after all it is just a few cuts), I strongly suggest that you hire a professional who has experience so that you can move forward effectively with ease and in a timely fashion.

What are the Fees for a Clearing?

Fees vary based on the size of your site.
It is extremely important that you know your square footage so I can accurately and fairly quote my fees. 
Travel time for spaces that are past 20 miles from my space will be reasonable, according to mileage and gas prices.

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A Space Clearing provides you with a clear, clean, slate  or canvas, to move forward with work, diligence, honor & respect for yourself & others. I then can assist you with Feng Shui Principles & concepts to stack the cards in your favor.


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