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Why Should I Hire Valerie?

What People are Saying:

It is the way Valerie makes you feel when she is with you.
I often felt when I talk to a best friend, somehow I was being judged.
She is a free thinker with a sensible approach to how we all fit in.
I felt focused, confidant and recharged after our consultation.
Kathryn B.    Lakewood NJ


Valerie is honest, straight-forward and does not pretend to be perfect.
I have hired other consultants who give off this holier than thou or know it all attitude. 
She has made me laugh until I wanted to cry.
She is serious focused and not afraid to let you know that she, as well as we all need each other.
Tony D.  Long Island NY

She gets me.
She truly paid attention.
She knew what was my taste and what was not as soon as she walked in my home.
Maybe she can tell my Mother in Law.
It was great being with her.
Sandra  Westfield NJ


When I asked Valerie to please tell me the truth she did.
I was not aware that my dishelved appearance was a topic of conversations amongst my employees.
I have taken more time and care in my clothing and appearance and my employees bought me new ties!
What a difference.  My employees and I are very happy Valerie came and told the truth.
Also my office looks great and we are more productive.
Thomas F  New York NY


Valerie let me do a lot of talking.
She allows me to be honest and say things that I generally do not.
As a wife and mother of three children sometimes I just need it to be about me.
She taught me that the better I take care of me, the better everyone else in my family will be.
I am very happy I hired her.
Carol M Kingston NJ

I don't know what my wife and Valerie do when they get together.
I do know my wife is quite happy after she and Valerie work together. 
If my wife is happy I am happy, and yes, I gleefully pay for the consultaion.
My wife's Real Estate business flourished after the consultaion.
Laura's Husband, Bill L.    New York NY

Lilies thMy daughter and I hired Valerie to help us with a small business.
After taking some of Valerie's suggestions the profits increased by 35 percent.
Within a calendar year, we have earned $45,000.00 more per year.
As the accountant of the business, I can see the the difference.
Thank you so very much and we will definitely hire Valerie again
as our needs and business changes.
Sheila & Karla K.  Atlantic City NJ

If I had known....I would have hired her sooner.
I just kept telling myself I could do it alone.
Feng Shui has to do with a lot more than arranging furniture.
Valerie helped me to arrange many aspects of my life including the way I talk to employees.
She grounded me and gave me confidence.
Valerie will tell you in plain English what other people are seeing and feeling.
I always thought I was being "Passionate" while others perceived me as being "Abrasive".
Now I know that a sincere apology is to say, "I am sorry", do not repeat the behavior, and move on.
Being right is not so important.
I just gave my one employee the day off with pay in an honest attempt to let her know, Yes, I value her.
Linda P.  Hopewell NJ

Morpho tha
My husband and I became more like brother and sister or good roomates after 15 years of marriage.
After my Feng Shui Consultation, I realized  I am fortunate to have a great loving husband.
My husband and I are more intimate and he is so happy I hired her. 
We had a great night after she left.
I feel like a teenager with a new passion for life and my man.  Thank you.
Diana K.  Bucks County PA

Little things do mean alot.
Feng Shui is about the words you use, the people you choose, the clothing you wear, your furnishings and whole lot more.  Feng Shui is all incompassing.
Even if you take only a few of Valerie's suggestions, you will notice the healthy difference in your life and those around you.
I wished I had hired her sooner.
Larry F.  Newtown PA


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